Who are we?

Osgood Films was created in February 2016 by Calum Johnston whilst he was a student at Edinburgh College. Its aims are to provide a reasonable but high quality videos and films for low budget filmmakers, and to help youth theatre companies venutre into films by filming productions or helping younger kids learn more about acting to camera. Our other aim is to provide top quality footage and highlight packages for sporting events, currently working with Musselburgh RFC. 


The name Osgood derives from Calum's love of football, as he has been a massive fan of Chelsea FC for years, and their "King of Stamford Bridge" is Peter Osgood, a famous English striker who died in 2006.

Calum  adopted the name as a Twitter and Instagram nickname, eventually taking a liking to the name. We feel this is the right way for a company to go forward and we hope Osgood films can have as much success as the real Osgood did. 


We have no association or contact with Peter Osgood, his family or friends.

About Calum Johnston

Calum was born in Edinburgh in January 1997. From a very young age, he was in love with acting and directing, first joining the Brunton Youth Theatre in Musselburgh in 2005, where he stayed for 9 years, before joing Scratch The Surface, where he was the Head of Media and Brand Development and the technical support before leaving in 2017 to focus on his filming. He has also had past work as a practitioner for young drama companies. He was also a performer at two editions of the Edinburgh Fringe, including helping to write a completely original show as part of a group called "Two and a Half Tinnies". 


He went to Musselburgh Grammar School and Edinburgh College, where he graduated with an HND in Television. Outside of Osgood Films, His previous employers include a global digital marketing agency , a famous hospitality chain and a well known sports shop. His interests include sports, primarily football, where he supports Chelsea FC and Motherwell FC, and history.